Women’s March on Washington D.C. (Chicago Version)

Being part of this epic movement of women and people across the world marching to battle racism, hatred, sexism, misogyny and xenophobia, I felt energized. Like in the past, I’ve felt united with my people, however this massive event makes the other protests look small. I saw people of all ages walking, chanting, singing some Aretha Franklin songs and capturing the moment. Of course, though, the signs were the best. We saw Carrie Fisher make an appearance, men reminding everyone that they can be feminists, too and of course the epic Shepard Fairey posters that came in every size.

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Because there are times when words aren’t enough

So I’m posting pictures.

I usually make new pages for my photos, but might as well make them into a blog right? I’ve gone political, social and entertaining routes recently, so let’s make this one a little more artsy, shall we? Good.

These are from our trip to Kansas City and to the Cahokia mounds in Southern Illinois. Enjoy!