For Love of the Brush.

The Women. 2008.

I’m afraid of oil paints. OK,that’s a lie. I’m not afraid as much as I’m not comfortable. I started painting when I was in high school, not having anything to do with any kind of class I was taking (because I’ve never taken an art class in my life) but because I wanted to find a new way to express myself.

Solitary X. 2007.

So as any student with no money would do, I started with the cheapest type of paint I could with the cheapest brushes. Anything I paint as of right now, uses acrylic paint. I’ve done one oil and one with markers on canvas. I’ve experimented with other mediums on canvas but for the most part, I stick with the acrylics.

Float On. 2008.

I don’t just stick to canvas either. I use paper and my bedroom walls. I’ll put pictures up of that later on. These I like because they’re simple and at times more abstract that not.

I don’t limit myself to anything, but paint how I feel at the moment I dip the brush into paint. So, for a start, here area few of the ones I like the most.



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