Visual Music.

I shoot. I started off shooting musicians because it was a challenge for a young wanna-be photog. I also managed a band called Black Roses for a while, so I took all of their photos.

Here you will find my photos that I’ve taken since the spring of 2009.
Leave some love.



Vic in the studio. Spring 2009.
The Temple. April 2009.
Jorge and Junior. July 2009.
Slap. Spring 2009.
Decorative. Spring 2009.
Red Serpent. January 2010.
Got dreds? February 2010.
Jordan at the Beer Co. January 2010.
Turning. Spring 2009.
Tap tap. February 2010.
Maria Bluesin' it up. July 2009.
Bass Kickin'. August 2009.
Goose. July 2009.
Jorge at the Abbey. 2009.
Hard work. August 2009.

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