C’mon. Wanna see?

Here is where I plan on putting my photos. These are some of the natural ones, part of what I call the Commonplace. The real beauty lies everywhere but you  just have to really look for it.



My mother's flowers

“My Mother’s Flowers” were some that my mother bought a while back. They were just sitting on our coffee table in the living room when I decided that I should take a picture. The sun was unusually bright that day for being the middle of winter. It worked out beautifully.

“Walkway” was taken through a window from the new Icon Theater over on Roosevelt Road in Chicago. My boyfriend and I went there on Valentine’s day to see, that’s right, “Valentine’s Day.” I know, cliche but cute. There we found some interesting pictures from the second floor windows as we were leaving. He took some as well, but this one was my favorite.


Unnaturally natural.

“Unnaturally natural” were also flowers on our coffee table at home. The sun was bright and actually, when my mother brought this pot home, I thought the flowers were fake. It wasn’t until I decided to take some pictures and touch them that I realize that they were real as well. What a pleasant surprise.

I typically like to take photos of things around the house because it’s good practice for me and I get the best lighting. I like playing around and most of the time I come out with something accidentally good. What do you know!


Pump it.
Pump it.

“Pump It” came out of a walk that I took. I enhanced it a little bit but I liked the reddish saturation. Random, but cool, I think.


Orange you glad
Orange You Happy?

“Orange You Happy?” was from a Saturday movie day. We pulled out the Disney VHS tapes and busted out the yummy oranges for a Beauty and the Beast adventure. It’s just a little reminder of what I did that Saturday afternoon.



There’s more where that came from. Stay tuned for the musician side of things. I hope you enjoy it.



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