Privilege doesn’t stop me from feeling

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around this world for some time now. Everywhere you look, there are people attacking our communities of color– black and brown. Since I was a teenager, since I started being aware of what MY reality as a Latina was, more and more emerged– things I couldn’t erase from my mind; situations I couldn’t undo. There’s always something to speak up against, to fight for, to protest. I’ve been to marches, I’ve told the stories, I’ve cried, I’ve spoken out and I’ve gotten angry.
I know I’m privileged. I know I didn’t have to worry about a lot growing up. I know I had everything I needed, and wanted. I know that I grew up with an “American citizen” status, even though my heart bleeds mexicana all the same. Yet, here I am thinking of ways to make waves, to support and to defend my people.
Through my work, both paying gigs and passionate gigs, I’ve encountered so many amazing people who didn’t have the same privileges I did. That fight because they have to. That feel like they couldn’t/can’t succeed because of their status. That have superseded and have done amazing things. That believe in justice and truth. That believe that this United States is “OUR” United States, regardless of how many ignorant people there are out there who have no concept of history and its context.
I thank all of the passionate people for teaching me what I didn’t know– who’ve taught me about things that have made me more aware, who got me out and moving, who organized me, made me volunteer, made me sign a petition, taught me the ins and outs, gave me opportunities to help.
My heart and hugs, support and thoughts are with those DACA recipients I know. I admire you. I also know many of you who would tell me that that’s not what you want, *but you can’t change the way I feel*. You are amazing individuals that have opened my eyes to things I didn’t know and have continued to educate me, whether you know it or not.
I wish I had the answers. I wish I knew what we could do to make this go right. I wish we lived in a better world. I wish we had intelligent people who want to fix the past wrongs, be inclusive, understand the importance of diversity and cultural insight. I wish the racist mindset would subside and that karma worked like a lightning bolt.
But I’m angry. I’m angry and there’s no other way to describe it. I sit here with watery eyes reading the news, watching the protests, the walk outs, the rallies, wishing there was an easy fix. Though there isn’t, we can’t stop here.
If there’s anything that our communities hold it’s resilience. We are warriors and we shall not surrender.

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