2 = WE

We’re so much alike. We’re stubborn, prideful and selfish.

We like to laugh, are social out of habit but only have a few very close friends.

We like to be alone. Individually.

It’s hard to communicate verbally. Our fears are held within and instead of just asking questions, we try to figure it out on our own, with bits and pieces that we see, hear or absorb. Sometimes it doesn’t go over well and we’re left making irrational decisions about where we stand without ever talking about it.

We dislike confrontation and would rather just forget it than face an issue. We differ on handling that in the end but dislike the process nonetheless. We like stability, smooth sailing, the least amount of ripples in the pond.

We like sports. We love music. It drives us and puts us in places nothing else can, besides maybe a book. A well-written book.

We believe in people; in the people and know and acknowledge where we came from. We like history, culture and goofing off.

What people see us as is not who we are, however that’s the story with everyone, isn’t it?

We’re always right. That’s only because we don’t speak about things we don’t know about. We’re inquisitive and want to know why. We’re stubborn. Very stubborn.

You can’t tell us we’re wrong, criticize our character, judge our personality because we take it hard. We express it differently, but we take it and it’s hard to take. We’re sensitive. We also don’t know what we’re doing wrong unless you point it out to us. We don’t know how we affect you unless you mention it and then we’ll look into it. We might repeatedly make the same mistake… again and again… but we’ll get it eventually.

We need someone to be patient with us. We also need someone to reassure us. Although we look confident and act confident, we’re very harsh and critical of ourselves. We feel like we should be doing more.

Sometimes the weight of the world sits on our shoulders and we can’t shake it off until we start moving, or trying to forget it. It may be resolved, it may not. We’re different in the way, but we feel the pressure.

We’re the first born. We have younger siblings.

Unless we feel comfortable, we don’t talk about our issues. We’re hard-headed, opinionated and feel the need to lend a hand.

We like to eat. We like nice things. We like to travel.

We don’t talk a lot, but we like to talk. Sometimes it’s hard but most times, I get it.

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