Recapping The Celebration

Naco and I with Indio Beer.

First of all, I would love to thank everyone who helped our the core team last Friday night at “Celebrating the Establishment,” which took place at the Prosper Skate Shop in Little Village. From the excellent DJs that we had spinning everything from Latin Alternative, to Cumbia, to some ‘80s tracks, to the people behind the bar managing the distribution of drinks to the amazing contribution from Indio Beer and La Chiquita Supermercado & Taqueria, we thank them all. We could not have done it without you.

During the night, which started at 6 p.m. and ended at 10, we saw approximately 150-200 people walk through the door. The artists, who had spent the previous two days setting up their displays and pieces of work, claimed all the wall space from the moment guests walked in, to the back of the room.

Jasso live painting at the event.
Jasso live painting at the event.

Individuals from all walks of life were able to speak with the artists, ask questions, buy prints and enjoy the atmosphere in a community space. Many people from Little Village slipped through the doors, which is exactly what this event was all about. In addition, we met people from Pilsen, Wicker Park, Back of the Yards and various other parts of the city who had heard about the event through the grapevine of outlets who shared the event with their audiences. Among them were New City and Arte y Vida Chicago.

The night displayed artwork in a non-linear way; there were no plaques describing the work, no mission statements, nor titles to go with the pieces. In fact, purpose of the urban art movement is to have individuals look at the pieces for themselves and make up their minds about it. The artists were there to share their stories and insights if asked, but for the most part, people came in and viewed the pieces for their aesthetics.

Guests walking around and viewing the artwork.
Guests walking around and viewing the artwork.

What the artists enjoyed most of all was that the people who came in stayed longer than the time it took to view the images. With the community feel, many people knew each other, enjoying their time, the music and the ambiance which was relatively different compared to other art shows.

Overall, we were all happy with the turnout of events and we hope that all of our guests did as well.

For more photos, please visit Stolen Photography.


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