Nice in English, Hot and Sexy in Spanish

How many of you out there actually like Enrique Iglesias? Or at one time or another liked him? I bet you have one of his songs on your iPod, right? Well, I do and I have liked his music even though I wouldn’t say I’m a fan. Anyway, there was one day when I was listening to the radio when one of his English songs came on (which it does about five times before I get to work) and I realized, ‘Oh man! When it comes to “branding yourself” this guy has got it down!” Ok, maybe I’m giving HIM too much credit. Maybe it’s his publicist or his agent or something along those lines, but they got it going on in terms of who this guy is according to language.

Think about it: A lot of his English songs are much dirtier than his Spanish songs, where he’s the soft-hearted romantic. Maybe it’s different on his CDs but I don’t have any of those. I only know what I hear on mainstream radio as do most people, I think. His images vary on the principle of language and of course, along with that, culture.

Take for example, in Spanish, “Cuando Me Enamoro” with Juan Luis Guerra. Oh man! That song is beautiful. “When I’m in love, time stops… I smile…” He’s in love, he loves one woman, it’s on and he’s letting you know. Fantastic. Let’s not go into Juan Luis Guerra’s nastly little songs, though. Everyone knows that in Spanish you only insinuate. It’s not the writer-of-the-song’s fault that you have a dirty mind. The taboo laid over sexuality in Latino cultures covers the verbage you can use in songs and how you say I love you. That is, unless you move into Reggaeton. But let’s stick to Enrique here.

Then you have the English song, “Tonight.” *Ahem* This is what they play at the clubs so that, like Mr. Iglesias himself (in his video), you can go to the bathroom with the girl you spot and get it on. “Excuse me, I don’t mean to be rude, but tonight I’m *loving* you.” That’s the clean version. The video is the dirty version.

There was another song that I couldn’t stand that he hand in English called “I like it” where he says something about his girlfriend being out of town and her boyfriend doesn’t have to know. When I heard that, I was like, ‘Excuse me?!’ That’s why men find it so cool to be playboys and cheat. She’s hot, I like her and I’m going to have her. Ooooh! Sexy! It actually made me want to barf.

 But I suppose that Enrique always was the playboy sexy type in both languages, but it just seemed to sell better in English. Young English-speakers (in the United States) go clubbing, get all hot and sweaty, making his music perfect for the younger audiences. Then you hear him in Spanish and he has the beautiful facade of being an elegant man and lover. So which one is the TRUE Enrique? I don’t know, but the guy does a great job having a pretty side and then a hot and sexy side.

 I’m not going to lie, when I hear those English club songs, it makes me want to dance around like a college girl and be in some kind of relationship with the untouchable man. Although, I do feel like he’s cheating on me after hearing the beautifully poetic Spanish songs where he tells me that his time with me is a religious experience. I guess this is one of the curses of being bilingual, huh? You get to experience both sides.

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