Traffic horrors… and JERKS!

As a resident of Chicago, I am beyond thrilled and surprised when a car, truck, bus or semi stops ahead of time and lets me cross the street in peace, allowing me to walk and not run. 

Tell me, since when did the road become only about cars and lose respect for people? All they do is ask you to stop at the cross-walks to let pedestrians get to where they need to go. How hard is that? Yesterday I stopped for someone crossing the street and was thanked over and over. I understand you, I thought. I suffer from the same stresses of getting beeped at even though I’m walking at a normal human pace!

When I went to LA, I was staying mostly in Highland Park with my friend, Maria, whom I met in college. As we were walking to CVS, we came to the cross-walk and like a hypnosis, cars began slowing down for us to cross the street! I couldn’t believe it. I waved my thank yous without hesitation.

I just thought, If we were in Chicago, we would have had to sit there and wait for at least five minutes.
For example, yesterday I waited for a long time to cross Ashland Avenue to catch the bus to a meeting. I had to walk out in the middle of the street and put my hand up like a freakin’ crossing guard! I talk to the drivers too: “Are you gonna let me cross?!” I say. “I have the right to walk, here!” and finally I get across. The bus driver going in the opposite direction didn’t even stop for me and, as an added bonus, stared me down as he drove by. What a damn *****. I know, just fill in the blank however you deem appropriate.

That is all for today.

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