Making It Your Own

“I thought it was a myth that people moved during the winter!”

I got this as a comment to my move on Twitter. I do! I responded and I did. For the most part, I’m moved in to my cozy little one bedroom apartment on the more eastern side of Pilsen. It’s a pretty decent area, a nice apartment for a pretty decent monthly renting price. I can’t really complain, especially when people are paying out the yin-yang for a nice place in more uppity parts of the city. I don’t need that.

I’m walking distance from all the Pilsen stuff, and by that I mean 18th street and El Nopal, where the occasional heart-shaped sugar cookie fix is had. I get to be in the middle of the art galleries, book stores and a stone throw away from cafes with free weee-feee. Yes, that’s how I say it.

I can ride my bike to places in the summer, drive in the winter and walk either season, as soon as it starts getting lighter out. I’m on the second floor, my neighbor has a dog and I’m already proud to call that little place mine, although I don’t feel it’s little any more. When I first saw it, someone was still living in it and hence, had all their stuff that they’d collected over the year everywhere. With it empty, it’s huge. Every time I walk in, I wonder what I’m going to put in it to fill it.

I’m waiting on a table, a bureau, another chair in the living room and chairs for my kitchen. That will come in due time. I probably need another shelf and not to mention, a desk. Basically, I have no seats. That’s funny to think about especially when everyone in big cluttered houses have chairs upon chairs, couches and sofas, recliners and ottomans. But me, nope, not yet. I suppose I really don’t need so many seats if I just sit on the couch and eat then head to sleep in my bed, but in reality, I would like chairs in my kitchen and I would like for my table not to look like a three-legged golden retriever, thinking, I can do it! Because that’s really how it’s standing right now.

What if someone comes over? Will they sit on the couch? Then where will I sit? What if I have a party or what if that person smells and I don’t want to sit next to them, then where do I go? To the floor? I suppose I could sit on my bean bag chair. I also need a coat rack. Where will I put my coats in the mean time? In the closet? Will they fit?

See, this is how  I think all the time. I drive myself insane, but that’s quite all right. Because I will be the one dealing with decisions, right? And that’s another part I love about living alone. I did it for five years during college and it worked surprisingly well.

I love the idea of adventure and trying new things; making something else my own and my home. It’s amazing to be able to connect to a space and create something that will keep you motivated and ambitious and on task and determined. I can’t wait to full feel that at the new place. I’m almost there.

I ask you: What do you do to make your place your own? Where do you go shopping? Are you an IKEA or second-hand store kind of person?

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