Sept. 30? Really? Damn…

Ok, so if you haven’t realized it yet, I haven’t written since Sept. 30. I know, I know, you’re in shock!

So, right now, I’m going to pretend to have a conversation with a shocked reader (because I have readers, even if they are only 10, I have them!) for this post and I look forward to hearing about how much you missed me. If you have not subscribed yet, please do.

In Green you will find my panicked reader:

“I’ve been dying to read your blog! Why haven’t you written since Sept. 30?!”

“Well, you see, ever since I was laid off and figuring out the rest of my life, I also decided to start a blog about something I’m very familiar with, which is diabetes.”

“Oh, NO! Is everything ok? What are you going to do about THIS blog that I love so much?!”

“Well, yes, firstly, everything is fine and I have recently started another full-time job; my second since I was laid off. I figured that since my boyfriend was encouraging me to do so, and I was at a pivotal moment in my diabetic live with getting an insulin pump, starting a diabetes blog would be a good idea. I have been trying to plump it up since I started it and also started a Twitter account for it (@kikisbetes). I have also taken on a part-time job and am volunteering as a Communications Director for an aldermanic campaign. So, I have a lot going on.”

“Oh, I understand. So does that mean only once a month posts on this blog?”

“Oh no! I can always write about my interesting experiences that I have in my multifaceted life! I have also promised myself that I would take more pictures.”

“I love your pictures! That’s great!”

“Yes, if there’s one thing I can’t stop doing, it’s writing and being creative to some extent.”

“Oh, that’s fantastic! I’m so happy to hear that you’re not going to forget about us! I look forward to reading  your next posts!”

And there you have it, folks. That’s what I’m doing with myself right now and I of course promise to continue writing.


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