Miguel Moya, Ignacia Moya’s Son. And some thoughts…

I’ve been busy, so crucify me. There have been a lot of different things going on in my life.

I promised you the real story of the Moya family. I went over there some three weeks ago to talk to Ignacia Moya’s son Miguel. He says that they’ve been in Pilsen for the last 50 years and that they know plenty of people in the neighborhood. When I asked him about a few things, he was really hesitant to answer because he felt that people would read what I had to say and then be judgmental. Remember before I said that they had waived the fee for Ignacia to become a citizen? Well he didn’t want people to read that and then say, “Why didn’t they make her pay? They made my mother pay!” When I told him that the Congressman had said it at the press conference, he eased up a little bit. I also wanted to tell him, “They waived the fee because your mother is 106. You, my friend are 76.”

He explained that after people seeing them in the news, they congratulated him and his family for finally having the fulfilling moment of finally gaining citizenship for their mother. They even thanked God on his behalf, saying, it’s great that you still have your mother around.

There are many people who feel that becoming a citizen would be a betrayal to their Mexican homeland, others don’t have the means. “We’re Mexican and American,” said Moya in Spanish. “We’re here and we’re living here so it was never a question to become a U.S. citizen. I’ll always be Mexican. We live here, we should be citizens.”

Good to know the man is patriotic. But he also had a bit to say about the stuff going on in Arizona. Above it being unfair and going against the human condition, he also called the conservatives crazy.”Why would the cops be doing ICE’s job? It’s not their job,” he said. “We’re trying to live a better life. Everyone’s trying to live better and if your country can’t do that, you move, like all these people.”

Needless to say, I didn’t really talk to Ignacia because she couldn’t really talk. I mean, she’s 106. I sat next to her while she had her feet up on the recliner and I think at one point she fell asleep. Moya’s wife was very kind, You know how Mexicans are. We sat there and chatted a little more about their family and everything that they have become over the years. We talked about their grand children and Ignacia’s great-great grandchildren who she still manages to pay attention to.

So that’s the end of that.

I think I want an iPad. I would love to carry something around that would connect me to the internet without having to carry this 20 pound machine around. This can great really heavy. So heavy that it literally feels like a monkey on my back. We’ll see what happens. I don’t exactly need it now, but I have a feeling that in the next month, I’ll be on it.

I have also been thinking about using this site in order to review music and talk about certain bands that have been sending me their music. Maybe I’ll just use it to suggest good music to you. I’ve tried doing it with my 8tracks account, but I was doing something wrong. Either way, do you all have suggestions about that?  I would like to know what my readers think.

I also have to keep putting up photos and writing some fictional literature. It’s good for the soul. What do you think?

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  1. Youve had a monkey on your back before? You never told me before. Were you like a zoo keeper?

    As for lo demas DO IT. Para que preguntas? Tu hazlo y ya 🙂

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