The Stereotypical Man

I hate stereotypes. I mean, really, I do. They’re stereotypes for a reason, they tell me. And I get that. We’ve all gotten smacked with a chancla, women have horrible PMS and mood swings,  we all know someone with plastic over their furniture, mom knew how to beat the shit out of you and every man is a cheating snake. Right?

Stereotypical men have a wandering eye.

I’m just saying this as an observation. How many times do you hear stand-up comics talk about how they’ve cheated or have been sleeze-balls? Not even, just listen to the radio! Have you ever heard those stations that tell their listeners to call in and catch their significant others cheating by pranking them into sending a dozen roses to someone? It’s ridiculous. And the next thing you know there’s a yelling match on the radio, one saying, “How could you do this to me!? You nasty piece of filth!” and the other saying, “How could you trick me like this and do this on the radio?! What is wrong with you?!”

Either way, it turns out that men can’t keep in in their pants, they don’t know what not having sex is like and eventually when they get tired of their present woman, they will find somehow to find a younger, attractive, bootylicious lady. It’s inevitable. Look at the movie, “The First Wives Club.” That’s what it’s all about. Or check out “Why did I get married?” Men are lying pieces of shit that want their piece of ass, regardless of their relationship status. For an example of this, watch “The Wedding Singer.”

I’ve met these guys, I’ve dated them and I’ve made the mistake to “fall in love” with one. I’ve had some try to trick me, avoid telling me that they had a girlfriend or that they were MARRIED, but all in all I have never been one to condone cheating, especially because I’ve been the victim of the situation. It’s horrible.

But not all men are like that. I’ve had some pretty amazing friends. They’re great guys and they have that “female” side to them where they’re soft and cutsie and have been trampled on my fierce and ferocious women. Maybe that’s why I take pity and understand where they’re coming from because I’ve been that trampler. I’ve asked myself plenty of times, how do I manage to find the kind, attractive guys who can’t seem to find a good woman for themselves and they end up getting really hurt by past relationships.  It’s funny, regardless of the fact that they’re good-looking or attractive, it always took a special someone to win me over. I had to be able to see that potential. A cute face doesn’t get you as far as an intelligent conversation. It’s true.

Are you a target stereotype?

But I feel that these stereotypical men are created by one false move. And women are taking that initiative to form the same hard-assed player persona that looks for a game but secretly wants love. Hello, slut face! And see how that works? Women become sluts and teases, men become players and in the end the world continues to turn.

There might be plenty of men who fall into the stereotype but I’ve been privileged to find only a few of them; not many. I also want to tell myself that it’s because I won’t take the bull that they try to throw at me. Eh, I don’t know if I’m that much of a powerhouse but I’m privileged nonetheless. Then you think of the reasons why men are cheaters and the fact of the matter is, is that they want to feel like they are important. I’ve come to the conclusion that only the weak men cheat. They can be the CEO of a giant company, have all the money in the world (like Tiger Woods), or have super-model girlfriends and still they decide that it would be a good reason to rendezvous with someone else. Or they can’t stand their wives or girlfriends but don’t have the heart to tell them it’s over. It also may be because their women are just as strong, no? Ever heard that it’s the man that is the head but the woman turns the neck?

Women cheat as well, but I think it’s for different reasons. Women cheat because they want to feel attractive, while men cheat to feel they have power over more than one person. I don’t think it’s a readily understood thing, but you can also nail it down to men being the supplier for the pack, through hunting, money and seed. “I’m an animal, baby.” But when there’s a wild woman, men can’t help but want to tame her. What gives? Then gender roles come into play and stereotype emerge. “Women aren’t supposed to be like that.”

This is the argument that has presented itself over and over again throughout the ages. The only difference is that we live in a society where the normal relationship is a homogeneous one. Other countries and societies accept men who have multiple partners, but being the country that we are, well, that’s just not kosher!

So the question here is, are you a stereotypical man who goes for ass and titty? Or do you have a “feminine” side? (By the way, I hate that. Why is it that emotional men are “pussies”? That’s what women have been degraded to– images and representations of women have become insults.) OR (because I’ve met plenty of men who seem to fall into the mythical creature category) are you a moral man? These are just questions I choose to pose without expectations for any answers whatsoever. But I’d like to know anyway.

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  1. I’ve been in relationships with both types of men. Notice the past tense ~been~. There is no perfect man. The man you eventually marry and spend the rest of your life with is the perfect man for YOU.

    Cheating, that’s a complex subject. I completely agree with your statement why men cheat and why women cheat. Spot on Kiki!

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