Bakersfield? Why Bakersfield? This is why…

So while I was out in the LA area, I hit up Bakersfield, a town two hours north of where I was staying. There I met with some fantastic people and got to see Velorio once again. The first time I had seen them was in August here in Chicago when they played at the Black Gate Studios and Cobra Lounge.  You should definitely listen to some of their tunes while checking out these photos.

Before Velorio played, Mento Buru, a band that has been in Bakersfield for quite sometime performed a vast variety and array of music. From Cumbia to Ska to Samba with the ever classic Matador, originally performed by Los Fabulosos Cadillacs from Argentina. It might just be the most covered song among Latino-based bands.

But take the time to listen and look. I promise, you won’t be disappointed. Please ask if you are planning to use any of my photos. Feel free to reach me through a comment.

Please send me a comment if you plan to use any photos. Thank you.


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