Just a Funny Story I Thought I’d Share…

This is how much I hate administration at small clinics. The place I was going to when I didn’t have insurance was better than this place WITH insurance. Time to get a new doctor, but too bad I already chose the place.

So I haven’t seen an endocrinologist for a minute; basically, since I was booted off my mom’s insurance. I was seeing doctors and stuff but for my Type I Diabetes, I need a specialist. It’s different than Type II. If you want an explanation, let me know. I’m an expert because I have to be.

So I call for a referral from my doctor. They say, “We’ll call you when it’s ready!” OK, now keep in mind that they couldn’t even get prescriptions for me straight and I had to continue calling to make sure they’d give me enough testing strips to last me three months (I check myself seven times a day! Not three! They won’t last me!!).

This morning I picked up the referral and try to schedule something. Here is the email I sent my mother right after all of that.

:: So get this.

I go pick up the referral, right? And I see that my diagnosis is “hyperthyroid,” which is NOT the reason why I’m seeing an endocrinologist. That’s #1.

Then I call to schedule an appointment with the endo listed on the referral form and the lady tells me, “That doctor is a pediatrician.” #2

Then I say, I want to schedule an appointment with whatever endocrinologist is at 47 W. Polk, because I think I might have said the name wrong.
“We don’t have an endocrinologist at that location. The only one we have is (insert confusing sounding name here) and she’s located at the hospital.” #3

Ok, sure, I said. Schedule an appointment with her. I give her all the information and she says, “OK, Her next available day is Sept. 16 at 3:30.”

“Sept. 16 at 3:30???” And I thought, You have GOT to be kidding me! #4
“Fine, I’ll take it.”

Viva Mexico::

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