Chicago is the city of bandwagons. Go Blackhawks!

For serious. When you come to Chicago and get into sports somehow, you end up jumping on the bandwagon. One of the many here in the Windy City. How many people became real White Sox fans when they won the World Series in 2005? What about the Chicago Bears in 2008? And now, if you’re a Chicagoan, how many of you are Blackhawk fans?

The only people who I consider REAL fans are the ones that watch games, attend games or can at least tell you how a team is doing without the team having a winning season. You get me? Am I explaining myself correctly?

Everyone wants a winning team, so it’s bad if you’re going to blame people for jumping on bandwagons. I’m not blaming you, or myself for that matter, I’m just saying that Chicago has a crew of leeches. Ha!

The issue is that we have waves of winning teams. The Bears (almost), the Bulls, the Fire (another one that no one pays attention to), the Cubs (almost), the White Sox and do the Wolves even count? Now it’s the Blackhawks turn.

I was reminded of this when last night the bouncer at Simone’s Bar reminisced about his love for the Bulls back in the day. I mean, who wasn’t a Bulls fan for those six championship seasons and when Michael Jordan, only the best basketball player to ever set foot on the court, was playing for Chicago? How many die-hard “NBA” fans (because it wasn’t the NBA you were a fan of, it was the Bulls) fell off the face of the earth when Michael betrayed us all and decided to own/play for the Washington Wizards? I definitely did. But I didn’t leave basketball. I got into the NCAA scene. 🙂

We WERE all fans. You’re not anymore once your teams starts to suck. This is why Cubs fans have such an issue when everyone always picks on them for loving the lovable losers through and through. “Why would you want to be a Cubs fan? They can’t win.” It’s not always about the winning, but Chicago, being the city that it is with corrupt politicians and all, it’s all ALWAYS about winning. I’m a Cubs fan. I can talk.

But now that the Blackhawks are surpassing everyone’s expectations, it’s cool, interesting and dynamic. It’s something new. But am I the only one who thinks it’s weird to be winning hockey games during the warm breezes? I have always felt that hockey belonged to Maine, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin… all those states north of us that have sub-zero temperatures during the winter that cause schools to close because your blood will freeze.

But as I sit here watching the Blackhawks completely serve it on a silver platter to the San Jose Sharks, I can’t help but be proud of a team that hasn’t had as much attention as the other teams in recent years. It’s great. The city is united once again in some kind of victory and it’s awesome to know that it’s a positive feel that we bring back here. It’s not just hockey fans anymore that are cheering and celebrating, its people who are generally excited to have a winning team. I’m learning more about the sport, the game and its players. I’m the kind of person that doesn’t mind becoming or growing into a fan. I’ll do my research, look at rosters and see just how big of a deal this will be whether we win or lose. For now, I’ll enjoy the drama on the ice and give high-fives to strangers because of an exciting, double assisted goal. Maybe you’ll be the next one that has that privilege.

So, now are you ready for some advice? If  you haven’t already, join the bandwagon. There’s always room for one more.


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