Thoughts on the last bloggity blog…

OK, Tobias got me again.

As much as I would love to completely throw stupid un-thoughtful observations out into the world, even on a “MINE & MINE ONLY” blog, Tobias is always there to pull me back down and make me think about what I just said.

For instance, if I’m eating macaroni and cheese and I’m clearly liking it and say, “Damn, this strawberry shortcake is the most outstanding source of iron,” Tobias would laugh at me, pinch me and  say, “um, mac and cheese, lady.” I got it.

So after listening and reading a bit more, I still think that the Arizona thingy-ma-jig is still the bastard child of HR 4437. But I digress. I suppose that the argument (if there was one at all) in the last blog was that I don’t like that people can say shit to me because I’m the one that’s willingly open to say things. I mean, yes, Tobias was right to say that people like him, who know me, know that I’m not a hateful person. I’m a revengeful person though. If you throw a rock at me, I’ll throw a boulder back. And no, I’m not upset at white people, I’m upset at the government. Let’s generalize a little more.

I’m understanding that the conservatives want to protect the country. Who doesn’t? And right they are about the actions they want to take but I think that what they’re saying brings on a whole misunderstanding about how they’re doing it. They say that “illegals can be pointed out by the shoes they wear, the color of their skin and their hair.” Ok, that’s stupid, but by saying that, it sounds like they want to round-up all undocumented people and send them back.

What I think they SHOULD be saying is, “If someone is caught in a felony their immigration status, if there is a question of it, should be looked into.” Because after reading somethings throughout the years, like the DREAM Act and other bills that were trying to be passed, the United States wants to have upstanding people in their country. Ok, understood. Again, who doesn’t.  (Side note: this makes me think of Scarface and that whole release of Cuban prisoners into the United States… killers on the loose.)

But from what I came to understand was that you can just SUSPECT a person is undocumented and ask for their papers. Sure, anyone can suspect and that’s where the bill is unjust.

“Requires a reasonable attempt to be made to determine the immigration status of a person during any legitimate contact made by an official or agency of the state or a county, city, town or political subdivision (political subdivision) if reasonable suspicion exists that the person is an alien who is unlawfully present in the U.S.”

This includes a simple traffic violation. Did you know that entering the country without documents is only a misdemeanor?

“Allows a law enforcement officer, without a warrant, to arrest a person if the officer has probable cause to believe that the person has committed any public offense that makes the person removable from the U.S.”

This one is just FULL of loop holes. C’mon. You know cops can be jerks even if you’re not Latino. If you’ve ever been pulled over, you know what I’m talking about. I also heard that this bill also allows for citizen’s arrest. Geez, man. That’s just insane.

Ok, this one… this one’s funny because of point B.

“Specifies that, in addition to any violation of federal law, a person is guilty of trespassing if the person is:

a)      present on any public or private land in the state and

b)      is not carrying his or her alien registration card or has willfully failed to register.”

So if you’re not carrying it you are guilty of trespassing. If you have one, you’re going to hold on to it for dear life, but really, if you don’t have proof, you’re GONE!

And the last one now makes anyone who comes into contact with an undocumented person a criminal:

“Specifies that it is unlawful for a person to do or attempt to do the following if the person knows or recklessly disregards the fact that the alien has come to, has entered or remains in the U.S. in violation of law:

a)      transport or move an alien in Arizona in a means of transportation;

b)      conceal, harbor or shield an alien from detection in any place in Arizona, including any building or means of transportation.”

This is what HR 4437 tried to do on a federal level. This is what Arizona is doing now. Hence, the bastard child of the federal bill.

See, this is what I mean, they talk about Arizona being a horrible state full of crime right now, which I fully believe. So why not go after those who have committed terrible crimes? They’re really going to put trespassers in jail for up to six months? Isn’t that AGAIN wasting tax payers’ money on NON-LEGAL people? So, wouldn’t it be better to let them work and at least give back than to incarcerate them and pay for their well-being?

These are just some thoughts, again, going out there. Sure, the idea that this bill is unconstitutional is a leftist idea to get it turned away. I also agree with that, but the fact that you have the conservatives talking the way they are gives everything a bad name.

I do disagree with one thing Tobias said. He said that citizenship is something to be earned. This is true to an extent and for those people who have lived here in the shadows for years and have never been in trouble or caused trouble for anyone– I think that’s earned. You also have to understand the quotas and the extent to which people have to go to in Mexico to get their visas and papers to travel this way. It’s hard and for those who are living in nasty places like Juarez, hell, I’d run to the other side.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that the U.S. has to help everyone. No. But like everywhere else, you see the poor trying to find a place to go in a better country. People from Morocco travel undocumented to Spain all the time and of course the Spanish are freaking out. Migration is not a bad thing. It just has to be controlled.

I fully blame Mexico in all of its rockiness and corruption of politics for what’s happening now.

The country is beautiful with a lot to offer but because of the history of their presidents and politicians, they’re in the dumps right now with no balls to put a stop to the drug trafficking that’s killing off too many people.

But again, you have to understand the other side as well. The United States has been a savior to many Mexican people. It opened its doors to workers and opportunity for families that didn’t have much. Mind you, back in the day it was easy to cross the border. It wasn’t as bad as it is now. So those who need work are still looking north. They most likely know people up here and want to go where they have relations. This is where they would go. When you’re that desperate, what do you do? I don’t think any of us will ever know that feeling as much as those people do now.

Another point to what people have been saying: Why didn’t they do it right the first time? Well, it takes too long and it costs too much. It’s the same reason why many permanent residents are not yet citizens. It costs way too much money to be a citizen so they stay at the status they’re at. Also, many people feel like they’re betraying their country by becoming citizens. I know, I know, well they shouldn’t be here if they’re double thinking it. Well, again, they had nothing where they were.

It’s possible to make it in Mexico. You just have to have the ambition, the will and the money.

My aunt was telling me stories about her uncles that would come back to Mexico after working for a few months and would beat her aunts and yell at them. She told me that she never wanted to come to the United States because of what she saw come back. She didn’t see happiness or wealth because they always ended up running out or drinking away their money. She said that she was going to stay, make a career for herself and fight the way she knew how. And she did it. She was a nurse for 25 years and now works as a consultant out of her home in Mexico City. It’s great to know that she did it.

I have more family that went back after living in the United States for some time. When we went back for a visit, they kept telling my dad to come home.

My family is documented, not to say that they always were, so I know both sides of the coin. The reason why my dad came over was because he didn’t have parents at 16. He couldn’t pay for schooling and stopped after high school. His uncles and cousins were already in Chicago and he figured, why not. My dad crossed in and out a couple of times but was finally in the clear after he married my mom.

I wish that people could understand a bit more. But alas, it’s difficult if you’re not in those shoes. That guy that kept talking to me on Twitter said, “If you got nothing to hide, what’s so bad about it?” Now, it wasn’t me assuming, it was him, that they were just going to start pulling over and stopping brown people. He then threw in the fact that he wasn’t getting jobs because he couldn’t speak Spanish. I’m sure I mentioned this. He said that it was racist that I was happy he couldn’t get a job, which was wrong because I said nothing about being glad he couldn’t get a job. I said people should be bilingual. There are many benefits.

And hell, I’m an American citizen and I speak Spanish. I know plenty of native English speakers who speak Spanish as well. It has nothing to do with being Latino or Mexican. So, why can’t he?

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