Why do people think it’s OK…

to be racist?

I feel that a lot of the time, when I try to completely argue the fact that something is racist, especially to the Latino community, I’m bombarded with instances on how I am being racist.

I just choose to talk about it. What’s wrong with that?

A few months back I had posted something on Facebook about “white” people staring at my sister and I for dancing around and singing around Christmas time and I said something like, it’s because we have flavor or something like that. One of my former classmates from high school took complete and total offense saying that she was shocked that I try to come off as a good person out for equality yet I post something as offensive as that.

First of all, I was stating the obvious. Sure, I implied that Latinos were more flavorful, but hell, me as a person, I’m happy. I’m a goof ball and I sing and dance whenever I damn well please. The gigantic problem that evolved from this was ridiculous.

I’ve also been ridiculed for being proud of my Mexican heritage and for taking a stance on things. Usually my white friends are the ones to take some kind of offense. They’re my friends. I don’t hate them and usually, I’m upset because of what someone has done. I’m not openly racist toward white people but I do think it is important to take a stance on things that need to be talked about and pointed out as being wrong.

Take for instance this State Bill in Arizona. I blatantly called it the bastard child of HR 4437 (it’s a quick little summary. Here’s for the more advanced.) because it is, except at a state level. Arizona has no right to racially discriminate people and what a lot of haters and people say, “what’s wrong if you have nothing to hide” obviously don’t understand the racial profiling or the history that this country has put Latinos through. See, here? I’m not bashing white people, although they’re the ones signing these things into law are the head of public policies but I’m pointing at the government.

Check out the Rachel Maddow Show:

See, in the 1930s the United States Government deported close to two million Mexican-Americans back to Mexico, regardless of their nationality or status. People who were born in the States were forced to leave without a chance of showing their birth certificates. How fair or just is that? This bill that was passed in Arizona only opens a pathway for that to happen again. Maybe they won’t let it, but how does anyone know?

So for now, whether you are a citizen or not, you’re going to have to suffer through more discrimination on account of people being scared of terrorists and narco traffickers. By the way, if you think you’re going to get abducted in Arizona and not have been accounted for anything, you’re far from wrong. Narcos and drug traffickers usually show off their money and their power. I may be wrong, but you all should check out those legal American folks. Nine times out of 10, they’ll make fools out of everyone and make you look in the other direction, when actually everything is being undermined by real criminals, not those trying to work for a better life.

On Twitter, some guy was telling me that he was discriminated against because he didn’t speak Spanish. Um, sorry, but two languages regardless of what they are, is always better than one. The job he was looking at probably would’ve taken him if he spoke Chinese or Polish. When I said, awesome! Everyone should be bilingual, he said I was being racist because I was happy he didn’t get a job. If I have to explain to you how wrong he was, don’t read my blog any more. This was a perfect example of ignorance and people wanting to prove just how bad it is to be bicultural, bilingual or Mexican. I’m sorry, I won’t stand for it any more. Usually those who try to argue with me have some kind of illogical equation going on in their head where they think they sound right but actually aren’t right.

I don’t understand why I should just sit back and relax when there is discrimination and racism going on in my country. It’s wrong. If I’m open to you, don’t be racist with your snotty comments back to me. I have no problem telling you how absurd you sound.

I’m glad to see that Mexico has already responded to this nonsense.


  1. I like your blogs because they’re genuinely you and they’re a bit provoking. I’m confused about the title of this one because it doesn’t seem to be of topic outside of you claiming yourself that you make quips based on race, and that’s ok. I imagine where you were going with that is that you feel that when you say something racially provocative, in such a way that you end up offending a classmate, it is not hate-based. Therefore your response is that people getting offended is ridiculous.

    Taking this particular instance, I need to ask, if it were implied that all the white people in a crowd were much smarter than other racial groups present for no other reason than being white, would that be OK? No hate, just a generalization.

    I actually remember the post that caused the trouble, I may even have commented on it. I do remember thinking that the way you said it was clearly a race-based comment, not a testament to your personal verve and celebratory nature. The difference is, I know you well enough to not feel like you hate me because of my skin color.

    BTW, saying things like, “I’m not openly racist toward white people but…” doesn’t help those who don’t know you!

    Maybe your point with this was that generalizing is natural but not always hate-based? I completely agree with that. We generalize everything from sporks to snakes to get by in life. I for instance generalize about FOX news and MSNBC: They’re both insane and spun to the hilt (yes, Rachel Maddow, too – selective disclosure is a specialty of hers, just like Hannity).

    Now, if I heard that Maddow clip correctly, it sounded like they’re saying, “let’s not enforce our laws so that we don’t have to racially profile.” What kind of an answer is that? Racially profiling does not equal racism. That’s generalization for efficiency’s sake. But you have a concern here: what negative discrimination do you think will take place? Will people not get jobs because of skin color? Will they be told to eat in a different restaurant?

    I’ve heard the following line of thinking from two separate Mexican friends of mine: Just because people want a better life means doesn’t mean that we should allow them into the country without going through proper channels. Every other legal immigrant had to pay the fees, do the tests, file the papers and get fully documented. Citizenship of the US isn’t a world right, it’s something to be earned… for good reason.

    I still haven’t heard a reasonable rebuttal to that.

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