Just some thoughts on history…

My boyfriend and I were talking about this again as we were reminiscing about our road trip to Kansas City with a pit stop in St. Louis. I had mentioned before that while in St. Louis, that dead, dead city, we stopped in at the Westward Expansion Museum that literally depressed us both and made us sick.

We began talking about how it was for the Native Indians here on this earth before the Europeans came over to claim the solid fact that “We have guns and ammo and disease, and you don’t.” We also talked about the Vikings that came over to Canada and Minnesota and of course the Spanish who first reached Florida, then Mexico and then California.

But the question arose: Why is it that the Europeans fought their ambitious ways to the other side of the pond when the Native Indians didn’t have to? Well, we also remembered from history and the lack thereof, that the Mexica, later the Aztecs, were a bunch of warriors. Remember they were written about as savages? Yeah, exactly. They were brutal to each other. But why is it that they didn’t evolve like the Europeans?

My argument was that they left the Euro area before they could learn from each other, crossing the Bearing Straight and traveling down to all the way to South America. Since they were alone on “this” side and very separated from other tribes, their mechanical evolution was slower. Not their mental evolution. Natives had figured out calendars and the phases of the moon, not to mention the way the sun worked. They had mounds, pyramids; built things from the ground up. They used pulleys and created massive works of art. They learned how to respect animals and the earth. They were more spiritual without any written word but believed because that’s how it was done.

According to the Metropolitan Museum of Art we can see that thousands of years B.C., Archaic cultures existed and they were using small tools. We don’t know anything about their life or existence until the Spanish arrive in the 1400s and with that, while the well-known worlds of Alexander the Great, the Roman Empire and the Chinese Empire were flourishing, all we know is that there were communities of indigenous peoples here on this side of the world.

Think about this: At the same time the Native Indians were in their primary evolution (based on what we know from archeology), over in Europe and Asia there was a Roman Empire. There was Roman and Byzantine Rule in Africa; in Mexico the Teotihuacan State had evolved; in China the Han Dynasty was in power and the Huns’ power was expanding. This was all between 1-500 A.D. Isn’t that amazing? And at the end of that, Attila the Hun had taken power, around 434 A.D.

Very interesting indeed. But a lot of this doesn’t get covered in our everyday history books. We also don’t know what it was like between the time of the Bible and the printing press when we were learning about this in high school, much less grammar school. And in order to learn about this, you had to take special classes in college.  Why does time just skip? Ahh… the luxuries of paying attention to history. I guess it moves from the cave people to the time of Jesus and then to the Roman empire. All of these things were happening but what was happening in the Western World? We don’t know. Either we don’t know, or nothing was happening.

What we do know is that those Native tribes were spread all over the North American continent. As time passed, cultures, tribes and communities flourished even more. But as my boyfriend concluded, it all depends on your surroundings and your place of living. I suppose that the Europeans had the opportunities that Natives didn’t. Clearly. Over in Europe and Asia, they had the blessing of different metals that they knew how to use and obtain from the earth. Come on now! Based on digging, we know about the Xia dynasty that went as far back as 2100 B.C.! Incredible. They were far more advanced because they had been around for so much longer. Insane, I tell you!

But back to what I was saying before. No one gave anyone the right to claim sanctions over the other person. They did it then and they’re doing it now, in so many different forms. It’s not just through war and invasion, now it’s also through governmental practices and bills, laws and think-tanks. I was just looking at some images of people protesting; of the Tea Party and how conservative they are and how our government allows them to be. I see how racist people can be and it makes me sick. All of those people who claim supremacy over anyone else can go to hell. Time and time again, history has repeated itself and not one of those people who supports those nasty opinions and ideas now has learned or has tried to learn from the time before.

Sure, you can call anyone savages, but they’re still people with souls and minds. Just because the Europeans were  around first, doesn’t make them any better than the people they so unjustifiably killed when invoking the idea of Manifest Destiny on soil that wasn’t theirs. And to think, the pilgrims came here to escape persecution. You would think they would understand the feeling of not wanting to assimilate. They took advantage because they could, because they outnumbered and because they bore arms.

Like I said, it continues til this day. When are we going to finally come to the decision to put a stop to it all. No one is illegal to the world and everyone belongs to the human race.

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  1. very very important for me! I confessed recently that i was Native American indeed. The other half Mexican-American… Why the Americas? So much fruit we bore and gave to our lands, so much that was taken away. We don’t cry, we continue to live in the land that gives us! Thank you for writing about what makes can unite us, rather than abominate us!

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