Questions (and/or comments) That Pop Into My Head…

While Watching the Oscars.

  • Nice intro Dougie. You’re right, no one wants to do it alone.
  • I love Meryl Streep.
  • Up In The Air was a great movie. The twist at the end was awesome.
  • To quote my mother: “Everyone looks like puppets!” Take a look at Sandra Bullock. What happened?!
  • Jennifer Lopez has to stop singing.
  • The audience looks like they’re waiting for something.
  • James Cameron’s ex is sitting in front of him. That’s hilarious. They’re not Latinos, clearly.
  • Got Jews?
  • Matt Damon looks old.
  • I interviewed Pete Docter for a review of Up. Wow, he just won an Oscar. That’s cool.
  • My boyfriend has a crush on Zack Efron.
  • Why does George Clooney look like he has diarrhea?
  • To quote the boyfriend about Penelope Cruz: “That’s a cool curtain she was wearing.”
  • That white guy is T Bone?
  • Coke has some really awesome commercials.
  • Oh, John Hughes, you awesome man.
  • Macaulay Culkin?!?!
  • I said, “Woah!” to everyone up there honoring John Hughes.
  • Squirrel!
  • I love Zoey Salgado’s gown.
  • That Ben Stiller move with the Avatar costume… that was good. Gave the audience their “real” laugh.
  • Now I want to see the Serious Man.
  • Queen Latifah has such a positive attitude that she makes me feel good just by watching her.
  • Mo’nique winning that award was awesome. *Best Supporting Actress*
  • There could have been better hosts. Nice spoof on Paranormal Activity though.
  • I thought they were going to horror movies of like, today. The contemporary stuff. Not everything that’s been mentioned or seen already. These are all classics.
  • Edward Scissorhands is not a horror movie.
  • I want to see Inglorious Basterds take home a big one.
  • It amazes me that Avatar didn’t take the Best Movie. For the first time, a highly talked about film gets taken down by the Hurt Locker. Amazing.

I think this is long enough. I’ll Tweet about the rest. No worries. 🙂

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