Family in Need. Will Work. Have Resume. God Bless.

Let’s start on a positive note. Ummm… I can’t think of one. I’ve been sitting here looking at statistics about the recession and the past 10 years. I found out a couple things from the Pew Research Center. One, is that this recession isn’t like the one our grandparents went through when they were younger. Mind you, this survey conducted in May of 2009 but I think it still holds water today. Our older citizens have escaped the economic pressure, clearly because they’ve been retired for a while, while people my parents’ age are looking at a shrink in their savings, especially if they’ve invested their money. The younger generation, 18-29, has gotten the slump of the job market. I also think people who are my age are completely oblivious to what we need for the future.

It says that the oldest generation still has money set aside to bequeath and they feel satisfied. The 50-64 age group, are the ones who are slightly suffering. Think about it, they’re the ones who were settled to say the least. Saving up money for retirement, having children in the late teen, college years who they might have still be supporting, this age group would logically be the one to take the heat. Like I said, people my age, haven’t yet started that needed foundation to have anything to lose. We are getting the short end of the stick when it comes to jobs, believe me, but we haven’t lost hope because our lives are just starting out.

An outdoors adventure through the forest preserve brought us to this man who was standing at the intersection. After seeing people stand at the Stevenson Expressway exit on Pulaski asking for money with signs that say something like, “Homeless. Please Help,” I’m not going to lie, I was shocked to see what his sign said. He had a resume ready to present. He needed to work. That’s what this recession and what the economy has led us to; putting yourself out there for an interview without being asked. It put a lot of things into perspective for me and it made me sad all at the same time. It made a lot of sense to read the research because he seemed like that guy that had teenage kids at home he still had to support. He saw me taking the picture, smiled a little and was turning the sign every which way. I caught it though. Too bad I couldn’t stop to talk to him.

Our unemployment rate is just about at 10 percent, another stat by the research center.They say that we should spend more to get the country’s economy going again, but who really wants to dish out cash they fear they’ll never get back. There’s a sense of desperation out there and it’s scary.

As I’m getting older, I’m starting to think more like an adult, to say the least. At 25 your brain stops growing and you start seeing the light just like your parents do. OK, I’m not trying to scare you here. Not JUST LIKE your parents but there is a new understanding. You come to “get” what you parents have been talking about for all those years and, God forbid, you start looking at younger people, younger siblings, shaking your head and saying, “When will these kids ever learn.” I’m starting to see that side to things. I”m starting to get it.

Either way, nothing is going to get us out of this recession besides time, I think. I mean, what are they going to do, give us money back again to spend like Bush did? I don’t know how that’s going to work. Didn’t do too much last time; we’re still stuck.

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